The Methods

Unlike the old days when ears where cleared with a 'syringe' full of water being pumped into the ear under high pressure, (and, it seems not much regard for the safety of the ear) we now have various highly specialised techniquies to safely and comfortably remove ear wax.

David & Alison have been trained by ENT Consultants and the NHS as well as within the private sector to offer all, not just some of the recommended wax removal procedures.

The method we use is dependant on the ear texture and condition, your case history and the position and condition of the wax. We will choose the most effective, comfortable and above all safest method to remove the wax.

please note as  Professional Audiologists, we do not perform or recommend the use of Hopi Candles

The Endoscope is a mini ENT grade camera used to get deep into the ear and close to the wax ensuring totally safe extraction, using the HD screen to view.

Available in our Edwinstowe clinic.

Using Loupes doesn't give as good a view of wax, but does allow two free hands to manipulate the ear;  especially useful with  with narrow ear canals.

NICE consider the use of HOPI candles to be inappropriate.

(NICE2018, NG98)

When wax is very wet or touching the eardrum it is safer and more comfortable to use low pressure highly controlled warm water to gently wash the wax clear.

PLEASE NOTE: manual syringing and irrigation are not the same process

To ensure your comfort and safety, we are unable to offer microsuction as a home visit or in the Opticians. please book into our Edwinstowe House clinic.

When wax is too dry or hard it can be difficult to remove. Sometimes using medical tools to mechanically remove the wax is the best option.



All Ears Hearing offer FREE home visits for those who find it difficult to travel to our clinic locations.

Please note that due to our busy diaries we can only offer this service locally, and cannot undertake home visits more than 10 minutes from our clinic bases. 


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We  fit hearing aids from all ten of the UK's major manufacturers UK.

we fit the latest technology from Audio Service, Audibel, Bernafon GN Resound, Oticon, Phonak,  Signia, Starkey, Unitron and Widex .

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