Professional Ear wax Removal

Fully Qualified

ENT trained Audiologists



David Bevan HAD. Hearing aid and wax removal specialist

Your Hearing is Precious.

The Eardrum is only three cells thick!!

You wouldn't trust your eyesight to someone other than an optician, nor would you let just anyone perform a medical procedure on you.

So it makes sense to Trust a Professional when it comes to your ears.

  David and Alison Bevan are fully qualified registered and DBS certified Hearing Aid Audiologists.

We have been in the Hearing Care Profession for a combined total of over 40 years. 

David in his 27th year and Alison in her 15th.

We have received training from NHS experts

and ENT Consultants.

We hold degree level qualifications in Audiology.

Needless to say, we have accumulated a mass of experience in helping the hard of hearing with

ear wax removal and hearing aid use. 

We have carried out hundreds of ear wax removal procedures using Micro-suction, Endoscopic Micro-suction, Low Pressure Pulse Irrigation and Tooling.

Trust the Professionals with your Ear Care



Alison Bevan HAD. Hearing aid and wax removal specialist

We are also fully qualified and very experienced Hearing Aid Audiologists, fitted thousands of hearing devices during our career. We can offer help and advice on all makes and models of Hearing Aids should that be of interest.

Our Story

Family owned and run, you can trust All Ears Hearing to look after you or your loved one's hearing care needs.

Both of us having worked for large national concerns, appreciate the importance of treating our clients the way we would all like our own parents to be treated.

As a small Independent company, we can devote the time we need to our do just this - no clock watching with us!

Our ethos is based on care and respect. We will take the time we need in the appointment and not rush the procedure.

Safety is paramount and more important than the outcome so whilst we have been able successful in 99% of ear wax removal procedures, rest assured there will never be a situation where we risk causing damage to the delicate deep ear canal and ear drum. 

We have taken our qualifications seriously.

It is better to treat the ear wax for a little while longer and retry than cause pain or damage. 

We hold Professional qualifications in Endoscopic Micro suction, Loupes Micro suction, irrigation and tooling after being trained by an ENT consultant and in Ear Irrigation techniques by NHS clinicians at Rotherham Hospital, and Aston University.

Of course, we are fully insured and DBS checked, but above all we care deeply about the wellbeing of our patients so would never undertake a procedure that we consider dangerous or that could cause pain or discomfort.

This way you can be assured that you are in the best of hands of the professionals.

What Our Clients Say


Comment: I would like to thank David for all his expert advice and removal of wax from both my ears. No pain just happiness too hear normal again. What a great Service you provide I would certainly recommend your service to anyone & everyone, again thank you. Absolutely 5*

Stan Haywood


Hello David. I'm just calling to thank you for your service at my appointment on Wednesday 16th September 2020, when you devoted considerable time and effort to clearing the wax from both of my ears. This has become the most effective and useful part of my visit with the best results.

Peter Burnett, Ruddington


Many, many thanks Mr Bevan  and for your fast response , I really do appreciate it

Jane Newton


Thank you and Alison so much for youur excellent service

Lee Wilson

Utterly Amazing

Comment: Hi David, thankyou so much for removing wax from both ears today, i can hear alot better now, will definetly reccomend you as i have been suffering with wax build up and ear ache for a while.

Thankyou .


Rate us: Utterly Amazing


Would you recommend us: Yes

Alan Wakefield


Thanks so much for visiting Mum, she can hear really well again

Sally Smith, Newark


Wow! It's a miracle, I can hear perfectly. I didn't think it would make such a difference 

Lorna Freeman

Extremely Skillful

Thank you David for your extremely skilful removal of the very stubborn wax in my left ear. What a relief to be able to hear properly again.What a nice friendly experience.

Peter Boardman